November is March of Dimes Prematurity Awareness Month

Premature Awareness Month

Give One Get One Purple Kangaroo Promotion

In honor of World Prematurity Day, help a family with a baby in a newborn intensive care unit (NICU).

Purchase two limited edition purple kangaroos for just $25, including shipping. We'll send you one to keep and the second to a family in the NICU. By sending a plush beanie, you help spread the word about the important health benefits of kangaroo care. You also bring a little bit of comfort to a family during one of the most difficult times in their lives.

Premature Awareness Month

Kangaroo care is something very special that parents can provide for their babies. It’s the practice of holding a baby skin-to-skin on the mother’s or father’s bare chest, which can help regulate a baby’s heart and breathing rates, and help the baby keep warm, gain weight and have a better chance of successful breastfeeding. Kangaroo care has benefits for parents, too. It builds confidence, helps them feel a part of their baby’s care and helps them begin to bond with their baby.

Thank you for supporting the March of Dimes NICU Family Support® program and helping us promote the benefits of kangaroo care.

*Please note, Purple Kangaroo Promotion ships mid-late November

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